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he said exception should be made for service to our country. the ncaa hasn't thought this one out. go blue raiders. >> and david agrees. he says the ncaa is way out of bounds when a veteran has served his or her country and is disqualified to play for their college. and we hope that you have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. happy monday. it's the 19th of august, 2013. . got some quick monday morning headlines. a 9-year-old utah girl is dead after a strong gust of wind picked up the trampoline she was sitting on and sent it 150 feet. a fox news alert while you were sleeping the olympic medalist accused of murdering his girlfriend was crying in court this morning. why his fate won't be up to a jury. and as your kids head back to school the obama administration has new math rules just waiting for them. watch this. >> three times four was 11. if they were able to explain their reasoning, the emphasis is moving more towards the the trampoline was properly anchored to the ground and had a safety net. she was putting on her shoes when the incident occurred. today a why could rule to allow e-mail from major nidal hasan as evidence in the fort hood massacre trial. the fbi says there are numerous emails between hasan and anwar al aulaqi the american born radical cleric who was killed by a drone strike in 2011.
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explanation. >> so there is no right answer? we're going to explain this mixed up math. and discovered the most original way to beat the summer heat. an entire bar made completely of ice. what's it like to drink out of an ice glass on an ice chair? it turns out if i ask her she will answer and then tell you. all those things coming up at the top of the hour. in fact it starts right now. 2008 congress gave the national security agency new surveillance powers. the nsa in some ways has mismanaged these incidents to the tune of maybe 7,000 in one year alone. an nsa audit showed they have been in violation of rules from april of 2011 to march of 2012. certainly seems to be a direct contradiction to president obama promise. >> i think one of the biggest good morning, everybody. do you get paid for this sufficient? >> everybody says you get the best assignments. it's a lot of fun. getting to know a lot of other reporters and anchors. we checked out this place midas bar. it's a tourist trap for a lot of problems of the last eight years has been the degree to which president bush has taken almost the opposite tack. one of the things is i want to open things up. i want transparency. i want accountability. >> so have these new revelations pushed the president to a debate he really wanted to avoid. joining us right now pete hexsa. the nsa has helped guys out in
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folks. everybody will want to try one time. >> explain one thing to see. when you go out on the shooted night you see other anchors and reporters? >> i had fun on the plaza, for example, if i'm up there with cheryl or maria. >> were those outfits yours? >> no. the problem with that is they do give you these fur coats to wear but i was also told we would get the field get against. are you concerned about where the program is today? >> a little bit but, you know, you and i are both security minded guys. we understand this government has got to have, military has got to have the tools necessary at their disposal to ensure we're surveilling, identifying threats before they happen. that's why we haven't seen a repeat of 9/11. these tools are useful. therefore our security, folks in charge of security need them and guys in the field need them. we got to be willing to and this administration has not been fur boots. that's not the case. i was wearing sandals. get me out of here. >> i'm wearing jack rogers in the igloo. looks like fun. >> steve is back with us. >> thank you very much. by the way, this is the first time in nine days i have worn socks. >> really? fantastic. >> that's the sign of a true, good vacation. >> don't smell steve's shoes or sandals. dr. scholl's is crying out for willing to defend them. we're fighting important the liberty and freedom here that we've always cherished and i don't want a government that's surveilling on me willy-nilly that doesn't have the safe guards in place, that doesn't prevent somebody at a keyboard from digging into my phone calls and e-mails. these things trickled out from snowden. >> it came from an internal audit. >> i know. so much of this to begin with, this conversation started with
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some use. brand new video from south africa where a judge formally charged oscar pistorius with the murder of his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. reeva steenkamp would have been 30 years old today. the olympian who was at one point crying will now go on trial in march. the 26-year-old claimed he shot reeva steenkamp on valentine's day after mistaking her for an intruder. him. this is from an internal audit which makes it a little bit different. we got to put safe guards in that are laws. >> let's take a look at some of these incidents. 195 fisa violations in the first quarter of 2012. 67 from a computer error. 60 from an operator error. 39 from not following standard operating procedure. 21 typos. five from our system errors. if convicted he faces a life sentence with a minimum of 25 years in prison. south africa does not have trial by jury. new details in the aaron hernandez murder case. hernandez may have murdered semi profootball player odin lloyd because he knew of two other murders hernandez committed. a grand jury is investigating whether hernandez was involved in the murder of two immigrants one thing you see is all of them were unintentional unlike snowden, intentional. >> yeah. that's right. the difficult piece that this administration is won't defend it. bush administration officials stood up and said here's why we're doing it. this administration wants to step back and say we're transparent, we're open when the exact opposite is true they doubled down on a lot of these programs. if they do it they better defend
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in 2010. happening today a new round of pretrial hearings for five alleged terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks will begin in guantanamo bay. the hearings are expected to last for five days. likely focus on procedural issues. the mastermind and the four other defendants face the death penalty if convicted. british police now say they are investigating a new shocking claim princess diana was murdered by a member of the it. the other problem is they want to pretend like we're not at war. they want to say the war is over and our enemy is not coming at us any more. clearly they understand behind-the-scenes because they want more ways to surveil that al qaeda is coming but they won't talk about that either. that's what's frustrating the public. where is the disconnect? >> what's is going to frustrate the public anticipates guy like you who fought in iraq, you know what the iraqi foreign minister asked, america can you come back british military. the bomb shell allegation passed on to police by the family of a former soldier. the newly revealed conspiracy claims nearly 16 years after her fatal car crash in paris. welcome back to washington. president obama returning from his vacation overnight. and he is already on the defense over the latest details in the nsa spying scandal. and help us with drone strikes and let us interpret the intelligence we're gathering. we have our backs behind the wall. do you believe that? >> i do believe that because that's what happens when you abandon something rather than see it through. >> 27 minutes after the hour. pete always good to have you in. straight ahead this is shock. 40,000 american teachers found moon lighting on a website you wouldn't want your kids to know about. you got to hear it. u.s. marine allowed to fight for his country but not allowed to
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>> reporter: good morning. the white house says the violation don't reflect any willful law breaking. the detail report white house aides say nsa is aggressively monitoring itself. more documents leaked about the nsa the national secure agency listening in on people's phone calls or reading their emails and failing to report their violations to the frn isa court. some members of congress find the latest leak about the nsa more troubling. senator rand paul wants to take the scandal to the highest court play college football? that's what the ncaa says. what do you think? we'll explain it and get you to vote on it. in the land. >> the only way to fine justice you have to hear both side. there needs to be a discussion from people who are a little bit more skeptical of the nsa in an open court, i think, before the supreme court on this program. >> reporter: the latest information comes from documents that nsa leaker edward snowden released. they detail thousands of privacy violations made by nsa. president obama denies the government is abusing the programs. congressman pete king who sits
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on the house intelligence committee supports the nsa surveillance program. he says the program itself works in protecting america from terrorism and has what he calls a 99.99% batting average in being compliant. >> this whole tone of snooping and spying that we use i think it's horrible, it's a distortion and a smear and a slander of good patriotic americans. >> reporter: senator rand paul, by the way, says the for our so slimming jeans. meet our instantly slimming, secretly shaping dresses, skirts and pants. slim, smooth, flatter. the so slimming collection. only at chico's and constitutionality of the nsa program must be evaluated. steve? >> thank you very much. peter king went directly at rand paul, said basically he's lying about the program. and he's just breathless in defending it as michael hayden. where is the president? he doesn't go to pat for this. he's analyzing this and it's his license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app.
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program. from michael hayden he says "the washington post" publishes this story. look at the numbers. there's been 115 incidents, incorrectly entered. mistakes made. none intentional. so that's out of 61 million inquiries a compliance rate of 99.998. look beyond the numbers and the headlines. >> right. michael hayden has and i temple in the "usa today" today where he talks in an op-ed just trust a quarter million tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. us. all of that spying on americans was inadvertent. we had this thing called roamers, it comes to the united states and we tracked americans. essentially what they are saying is michael hayden and others in the administration, trust us. but there are a lot of people who are concerned if your fourth amendment rights are servir lated will other rights be violated as well. do you trust the government? >> here's the other issue too. if edward snowden had not thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can helpeduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children,
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released this information or really leaked to it "the washington post" we wouldn't even be talking about this and that was one point that kentucky senator rand paul mentioned. he said, you know what? this is not right -- >> this is how we found out about it. >> this is how we found out about it for one thing but they are being asked to investigate themselves just like the department of justice and just like the irs, there hasn't been many arrests there. is this just another scandal, something that rand paul believes needs to be teens, and young adults. cymbalta inot for children under 18. people taking maois, linezolid or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles or serious allergic skin reactions like blisters, peeling rash, hives, or investigated by the supreme court. >> they investigated me my name turns up they thought i was a terrorist and locked me in jail. so bottom line is where is the president? where is his chief of staff? where is somebody in the administration defending the program instead of condemning edward snowden. the people that understand the program where they left it off in 2008 are defending it and for a guy who is read in as homeland security director in the house peter king he was not mystified mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, lir disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪
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by anything that came out. >> the president says let's have a national conversation about it and so we are. >> let's expose the top secret program. >> we should know if people are spying. let's talk about this. common core is going to be a new national curriculum that the obama administration is imposing on u.s. schools come this fall. what's interesting is if you're unfamiliar with common core, it's not exactly the same > look at that. time for your shot of the morning. who needs a waterpark when you can make your own ride with an industrial digger. it comes from these boys out in russia. great idea or just plain stupid? they made it out of the curriculum that you and i grew up with. for instance i want you to listen to amanda august. she's a curriculum coordinator in chicago. she's explaining how three times four doesn't necessarily equal 12 any more. >> if they said three times four was 11, if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in words equipment okay. they had fun. they are on youtube and global television so you be the judge. >> that's what they say in the quarry, how do you get clean? this is a great invention. i look for people to take this to be a game show. top of the crane. >> more like a college prank. my brother and his friends did something similar to this. same but different.
3:10 am
and oral explanation but just got the final number wrong we're focusing on the how. >> which is extraordinary. from under this common core if you get the wrong answer you'll get it right -- okay if you can explain it to the teacher. three four times equal 11. the teacher goes that's not right but because you have the right reasoning i'll give you the credit. >> it's unbelievable. is that the way it will work in >> with a digger. >> i guess it's different but for whatever reason reminding me. they took a chair like an ez chair recliner somebody left it out, a la-z-boy, tied a rope to the back of the truck and have them pull them around and sparks is flying around. a guy is holding a beer and saying so cool. like one of theof these dumb mo. the real world? is this a continuation of everybody gets a trophy and we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings for getting the wrong answer. what happens if this child becomes a doctor and operates on the wrong knee. oops. >> department of education did not create the program. but plan on supporting the implementation of the states. there are states that bailed out of this. they won't be a part of this. >> mean while we got an extreme weather alert for you. severe flooding in panama city, florida. this is the scene around much of the southeast. maria, i just got back from georgia. it was starting to get wet down there. >> it's been nasty around here across sections of the
3:11 am
most of the country will be putting this core together. it tame from superintendent, came from governors and this is what they concluded. >> came from a lot of teachers that want to explain why scores are so low with the kids. not surprising the united states has slipped ten spots in high school and college grades in the last three decades. we're now 17th in global education. finland and south korea number one and number two. if we start splashing around southeast. you can thank a slow moving frontal boundary. it's stalled in the southeastern u.s. over the last several days. some areas have picked up over a foot of rain. so some of the heaviest rain localized and focused across parts of the florida panhandle. this is where we do have a number of flash flood watches and including parts of the state of georgia and warnings because flood is ongoing in many of these areas. some extending into parts of the state of south carolina. guess what's in the forecast? three times four equals 11 where will he be in that list. >> hit us up on facebook or twitter. we would love to hear from you. >> straight ahead a 9-year-old child killed by a popular toy. the hidden danger you need to be aware of. >> obama care making it easier for thieves to steal your money and private information. we're not looking at dry conditions. more areas of heavy rain throughout the day and into tomorrow and wednesday. locally three to five is of rain will be possible. that flooding threat continues across sections of the southeast. another thing this frontal boundary has been doing it's producing very cool temperatures. we've actually only got up to the upper 60s in cities like atlanta over the weekend.
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♪ the great outdoors... month high last week. it could get worse if operations in egypt and suez canal are disrupted. al jazeera america a new cable network launches today but not rating with advertisers. it has less than half the average advertising of other cable channels according to the "new york post." most ads will be in house promos. the reason for the small number of ad a spoke person said quote limiting the number of ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. (gasp) nope. aw! guys! grrrr let's leave the deals to (nice bear!) ooo! that one! nice! got it! oh my gosh this is so cool! awesome! perfect! yep, and no angry bears. the perfect place is on sale now. up to 30% off. only at do you mind grabbing my phone commercials in each hour. they want to bring you more news. >> this is shocking. 40,000 of america's teachers moonlighting on a website you wouldn't even want your kids to know about. which bills itself as the number one online dating website for sugar babies and generous men, sugar dae daddies as well. the company's ceo suggests they
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not tylenol. not aleve. [ paul ] when people are counting on me to come through, my answer is advil. [ male announcer ] real people. real pain. real relief. advil. relief in action. president obama's health care law running into more trouble by the day. the controversial program now a dream come true for con artists. yankees which surprises you. a-rod would get the last laugh, though. the whole stadium goes crazy. woe get fired up and hit a home run off dempster in the sixth. it propelled the yankees to a very emotional victory. yankees' gm said he only says hello and good-bye. a-rod appealing the baseball 211 >> in less than two months americans will be using an exchange to buy health insurance. in the meantime con artists are setting up fake exchanges. fox business network is working on this. charles you're confused about it. you get a call to say i'm here to help you. >> first of all let's just say -- i don't know that there's game suspension for doping. a lot of players and teammates saying shouldn't he be suspended and the better he does the harder it gets. fans are not happy as they say there's a brand new policy in the nfl, new security policy and they saw it firsthand. watch. >> actually just found out that this is too big to bring inside. so kind of upset. >> i had no idea this would be too large. it's a very small bag. >> i can bring my man bag. steve can't bring his purse.
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ever been a law implemented that had this much fan fare before. everybody heard about obama care. nobody knows what it is. no one can be 100% expert. having said that, yes, get your information, call you up, are you prepared. you know there's a lot of penalties and there's penalties. they are saying you can go to jail if you don't do certain things buy the health card. it's not gathering information they are going to be gathering you can bring clear bags 12 x 6 x 12. a nonclear bag is to be smaller. we can't have any secrets. the nsa has affected football. binoculars and cameras are okay. football players take hard hits all the time but not usually sideline reporters the toughest in the business. pam oliver on the sideline talking but she gets hit into the defense of the quarterback money from people. it's very confusing. if someone calls you up and say hey obama care went into effect are you involved in any exchanges -- >> how now? october 1st is the time people can start shopping for obama care essentially. if they ask me to right now, obviously -- >> obviously right now it's a scam. the health exchanges are not set up. i got to be honest with you. some of these states are not prepared. >> they don't have to be by law. who was chandler. pam is okay. she laughed it off a few minutes later. he came over a few minutes later to give her a hug. pam oliver takes a hit. now let's speak gradual. let's go over. ncaa football because let's talk marines and let's eligibleilty. a marine sergeant is now at
3:17 am
>> some states don't. some states have opted out np but it's all in a massive disarray. people need to understand particularly seniors that you're not going to go to jail. so don't feel like if you're confused and want to take some time out to figure this out don't be afraid whoever it is on the phone or knocks on your door to tell them to look into this further. >> the national consumer league is fining out that they are threatening seniors if you don't middle tennessee university. he's a freshman. there's a picture right there. he would like to play football but the ncaa is preventing him from playing because he played in a rec league, a rec league when he was in the marines. >> this is unbelievable. >> because they were team uniforms and officials and actual score was kept. >> it was organized. >> he said come on there were guys out there from 18 to 40 years old. we had six weeks sometimes between games. this should not bar me from get your act together, if you don't give me your information you will go to jail. they get all of it and they they lose their money. here's whatnot to do. purchase a new card to be eligible for insurance. wire money or scene funds to get benefits and buy into a special price or limited time offer. if you hear any of those things -- >> authors red flags. typical scam things that we hear all time. playing. so the school middle tennessee has won a partial appeal to the ncaa recouping two years for him. >> sometimes you don't want to say special rules. wait a second. this is not a special rule. he's in the military. they have a g.i. bill. this guy is a football player. we know what the marines consist of. call the pentagon, find out what it's like. they should be eligible to play. his first game is august 29th. ncaa which has johnny football
3:18 am
it's pressure. it's time. you got to act now. ku go to jail. these are hot button things that people react to. so this thing right here will be massive. there mill be multimillion dollars worth of fraud. >> you can understand the confusion when it's swelled to more than 17,000 patients. >> so-called navigateors from different political organization with their own agendas. this thing is tough. to deal with right now is being sued because they won't be on an ea sports game without being paid. now they want to alienate the military? >> they changed the rules back in 1980 and never made an exemption for the military. you got to figure the ncaa did not intend to penalize the military service members but that's what's happening right now. are they going to let him play? >> no pain at barney and company? >> a lot of pain. last week was the most painful week in the stock market. >> 20 after 9:00 see you. >> coming up straight ahead only on our show, be very jealous. president obama promised transparency when comparing himself to president bush. >> think one of the biggest problems of the last eight years has been the degree to which we'll keep you post preponderance of the evidence twitter us @foxandfriends or e-mail us. >> do you want to test your amateur status? >> to play football or run track? >> yeah. >> if you want to go back -- >> yeah. all right. 6:41 is the time now. we have a lot more coming up. muslim groups planning a march on 9/11 saying they are the real victims. a man who lost his cousin and father in the terror attack will
3:19 am
president bush has taken almost the opposite tack. one of the things i want to do is open things up. i want transparency. i want accountability. >> how does this president explain that now that we've just found out the nsa has been violating our privacy and lying about it. >> who needs a waterpark when you have this? most creative idea or just plain stupid? i'll go with the latter. we'll be right back. ♪ be responding next. and president obama back in washington after a week of vacation. so how did he spend his time in martha's vineyard? we'll break it down. news by the numbers up next live from new york city. [ male announcer ] america's favorite endless shrimp is back! people wait for this promotion all year long. and now there are endless ways to love it... ♪ from crispy to spicy to savory. [ man ] you cannot make a bad choice. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp! as ch as you like, y way you like! you can have your shrimp. and you can eat it, too. [ male announcer ] try our new soy wasabi grilled shrimp or classic garlic shmp scampi. all just $15.99 for a limited time. it's gonna be a hit this year. [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shri is now! we would neveriss endless shrimp. [ male announcer ] but it won't last forever. so come and sea food differently.
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it's monday now. your news by the numbers. the presidential vacation edition. first one, the family's beach trip president obama took before returning home from martha's vineyard. one. how many family bike rides he went on. last 27 1/2 that's how many hours president obama spent on his golf game during his vacation. steve? >> thank you very much.
3:23 am
muslim groups planning a million muslim march set to take place on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. the reason they claim they, muslims, are the real victims of the attack. >> we want to show america that we muslims, we denounce terrorism and we understand with the solidarity denouncing that effect and event the day of 9/11, muslims became villainized and victimized. it's not us and then it's we as americans. >> joining me now is joe connor whose cousin was killed on 9/11 and his father was killed by a terror attack back in 1975. joe is also the co-author of the "the new founders" and joins us live here in new york. what are they doing? >> they are trying to gain publicity for themselves. if you go on their website do
3:24 am
nations is a big thing. they want some traction. they also want to pick a fight with americans when they go down there if they put a march together and that could justify their idea that their rights are trampled on. it's like the ground zero mosque where they are using our own cultural icons, the world trade center they put a mosque there and now want to take over the 9/11 and the marches that we've had over the years. >> you can see the moniker there, million muslim march. i read online -- >> they changed it. >> now it's million american march against fear but according to gateway pundit a right leaning blog only 57 supporters have sign up on their facebook. i don't know that it will be million americans. it could be dozens maybe. >> maybe. yeah. i don't think that they will get a million people to show up. >> joe, they are calling for, though -- they are demanding social justice.
3:25 am
they want the president to release the 9/11 commission report to the american people. didn't we get the 9/11 commission report? >> yeah. i thought we had. i thought that was years ago. i'm not quite sure what they mean by that. social justice is a scary thing. that talks about the not giving -- social justice is about ten result being equal for everybody as opposed to the opportunity. in this country you have the opportunity to succeed. the end result is not guaranteed. >> it does seem they are confusing what we're doing overseas. we're in a number of countries fighting terrorism that happen to have large muslim pop layings but it's not a war on muslims. it's a war on fanatic islam. >> absolutely. look i was there on 9/11. i went through trade center that morning. i saw the flames hit. i saw people jumping. and for anyone to say that didn't happen or the planes didn't hit or it was the jews as they are saying that caused it, it's so aggravating and so off
3:26 am
the charts ridiculous. these people should be ashamed of themselves. >> apparently part of the mission of this group is to seek and to encourage and seek muslim-american candidates for public office and explain positions of other political candidates to muslim-american voters. do you think they would be that? >> i'm not quite sure they will get too far with that, to be honest with you. this whole group is saying that their rights were trampled on, americans have beaten them up since 9/11 and quite honestly it's the opposite. after pearl harbor the japanese were interned. we have a president at fort hood saying he doesn't know why they did it. the shooter was screaming allah. >> they are looking for publicity because to have a million muslim march on 9/11 -- >> it's ridiculous.
3:27 am
it's horrific. >> it's their right, free speech. >> it is. it's their right. ironically they will have their right to. in most muslim countries they wouldn't have that right. >> well put. it's now 11 minutes before the top of the hour. then food stamps are supposed to help those in need put food on their table but as it turn out more americans are cashing in all on your dime. selling the food stamps. we'll explain. and it's the most original new way to beat the summer heat, an entire bar made out of ice. entire bar made out of ice. what's it like to drink too big. too small. too soft.
3:28 am
too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. a a
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>> anna: 53 pins after the hour. thanks for spending your money with us. the idea of a cool night out, the temperature at new york's any ice bar is kept at 23 degrees fahrenheit. we did the math for you, minus 5 cellsious. the walls and chairs, completely made of ice. >> anna and i had the chance to check out the latest hot spot in manhattan. >> cool. >> during the hot summer months, it may be tough to say cool, but we found a new way to beat heat. >> the ice bar, original here inn las vegas, but this just opened in midtown manhattan. you want to check it out is this. >> welcome? >> twice start at 20 bucks? >> yeah.
3:32 am
>> but we want the vip package. check this out! >> here you go. >> thank you. >> all right, come on in to minus 5. >> it's like an icebox. >> look, it's lady liberty. >> i love this. all this has been done by a champion ice carver. i had no idea there was such a thing. >> it's so beautiful. you can see central park. >> you found the central park quickly. how awesome is this? even the chandeliers are made of ice. >> anna: i love it. >> all the pieces were made by hand, the compartments are made of ice. >> to keep it compact, i assume it's not just temperature you have to worry about, but humidity? >> right. >> anna: what are you drinking here? >> soda. >> anna: you don't need the warmth from the alcohol?
3:33 am
>> no. >> i think this is so fun, so cool. >> anna: does anybody ever say, can i have a hot chocolate, please? >> all the time. i'm working on figuring that out. imsome ideas. >> anna: this seems perfect for a hot summer august day. what about january, february? do you think people will really come inside? >> brian: it >> it will definitely be easier. it will be a winter wonderland. >> i love how the drinks are poured into a glass of ice. >> one snowflake. one snowman. >> thank you so much. >> anna: maria, to "fox & friends." cheers! >> cheers. >> brian: it was really cold? >> it was very cold. we got free hoots out of it. so -- hoots out of it. -- hats out of it, so i'll be
3:34 am
wearing mine all winter. >> brian: good job, ladies. we have two more hours to get you warm. a top nsa i believe if -- official says they did not mean to break the law. it was a mistake. can we believe them? >> steve: 'til death do us part, or until the lease runs out. the new marriage contract for those who aren't sure they're ready to commit. we'll explain straight ahead. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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>> anna: grab up the coffee pot. the this is the 19th of august. i'm anna kooiman. while you were sleeping, tears inside the courtroom where a trial date has been set for the olympic medalist accused of murdering his girlfriend. >> brian: top nsa official says they broke the law thousands of
3:38 am
time of the have they stopped? donald trump will weigh in. >> steve: and if you sign wed lease, the new legal trend helping to cut down on divorce by making you commit to your bride or groom for at least one year, two years, five years, ten years, whatever the terms of the lease. is that a good idea? we're going to report. you decide. i think i just editorialized. "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now. >> brian: i will weigh it and say as a student of sports, who is also in the middle of a marriage, i will say that everybody plays better in their contract year. you know your contract is up. can you imagine if marriages were a series of one-year deals? >> steve: here is the thing, if you went to dawn -- and i forgot her maiden name -- and you said, dawn, i love you, i want to
3:39 am
spend at least a year with you and here is the paper, do you think shortly after you approached your future wife, you would have ended up with a bloody nose? absolutely? >> brian: right. for both of us it could be walk years. good news, i'm renewing you. >> anna: what about if it's the opposite in when people mail it in at the end of their contract. >> brian: want out. go, we've decided not to pick up each other's option. >> steve: the wed lease. we'll talk to donald trump about this in a couple of minutes live from new york city. by the way, we are in studio d right now. we're making a transition. we got bob the builder over in studio e, our regular home. it's all going to get fancy in a couple of weeks. >> anna: we start with a fox news alert. brand-new video where a judge formally charged oscar pistorius
3:40 am
with the murder of his girlfriend. she would have been 30 years old today. the olympian, at one point crying, will now go on trial in march. his fate will be up to a judge and not a jury because they do not have trials by jury. also, firefighters announcing they are making progress against the beaver creek wildfire in idaho. so far 160 square miles scorched and 2300 people forced from their homes of the they created protective fire breaks on sunday. a lightning strike start that had blaze two weeks ago. right now it's only 9% contained. overnight, brand-new report for you out of germany saying that al-qaeda is plotting terrorist attacks on europe's high speed rail network. the nsa reportedly learned of the plot after listening to a conference call leading leaders from al-qaeda. it's believed al-qaeda wants to plant explosives on trains and tunnels or sabotage trucks and
3:41 am
cables. the news forcing european officials to heighten security at train stations. no comment yet from the obama administration. a rioter busted by the cops for like ago photo of himself on facebook. police in california had posted the photo trying to i.d. the teen-ager after he caused trouble at the u.s. open of surfing last month. 18-year-old louis rodriguez was charged with vandalism for spray painting vulgar words on police cars. >> brian: so he went to the picture, he liked himself and they tracked it back to him? >> yeah. >> steve: stupid sometimes. all right. it is a monday. that in the 7:00 o'clock hour issues means we welcome donald trump. good morning to you. >> big day. >> steve: where are you today? >> now in trump tower in new york. >> steve: fantastic. some day we'll come over. >> you have to. >> steve: let's talk about this, the latest blockbuster regarding the nsa spying or monitoring is that apparently broke the law
3:42 am
thousands of times. michael hayden is in usa today this morning saying look, you can't blame us. it was inadvertent. a lot of people, though, are skeptical. should we really trust the government when the government says trust us, we're not doing anything wrong? >> our government is doing very poor lea in so many different ways. but with nsa, we have to think in terms also of security. we need security. we need to go after people. frankly, we're going to have abuses, then we have to stop abuses at the same time. it's a very, very fine line. we need this. it's very important for heightened security. i just looked at what you were saying about al-qaeda and everything else and that has to be an absolute priority. but they can not abuse the system and it sounds like they may have been to an extent. >> steve: you know, it harkens back to the irs scandal. we're supposed to trust the federal government. trust the irs. now we know we can't trust them. why should we trust the nsa?
3:43 am
>> people are very skeptical about our government. they're very skeptical about the way our country is run, not run well. nsa is something we are going to need in some form. we just can't have the abuse. the abuse -- i don't know if it's rampant or if it's not rampant. they're saying it was mistakes. they're saying it was errors. that's scary when they're saying the nsa is making all these errors. but i don't want people -- i don't think you want people to think we're not involved. and at the same time, we do need protection. >> steve: right now we want people listening -- >> brian: we're doing a tv show. >> we have plenty of people listening. >> brian: thanks to you. real quick. here comes michael hayden and steven king defending the program. where is the c.i.a. chief of staff? these guys from 2008 are coming out now. it's incredible. >> that's the thing, brian.
3:44 am
the president really has backed away from it. he was very strong. now it's backing away. it's totally taking a back seat and he has backed away. it's disconcerting. no question about it. >> anna: all right. let's kind of switch gears and talk about actually one of the nsa's harshest critics, rand paul, going against chris christie. what's the future of the republican party, all this shooting inside, is the party big enough for both of them? we heard chris christie say that rand paul and libertarianism is dangerous for the republican party. what are your thoughts? >> they've got factions of the republican party, there is no question. whether it's defunding obamacare, we have some people feeling strongly about it and other people feeling that they shouldn't be doing it in the republican party. and if they would all get together, they could do something. but the pack is, they have -- fact is, they have strong factions within the republican party. you have the libertarian viewers and i think it's very minority,
3:45 am
but it's strongly held and you have chris christy has other cruise, and the republicans have got some problems. they'll have a hard time in 14. they have a real chance, but they have a hard time. that's going to be an interesting election, unless they get together and unless things happen really for the better, the republican party, are they going to have a hard time probably against hillary clinton. they're going to have a hard time. they need the perfect candidate. >> brian: rand paul was on fox news sunday responding to chris christie going at him. listen. >> the party is big enough for both of us. it's big enough for a lot of different republicans and in fact, we don't need -- this all started with him saying, we don't have room for libertarian republicans. the thing is, that's how we grow our party. >> steve: it's a big party. it's a big tent. there is room for everybody, isn't there? >> it's a big party, but not a party that's getting along. i went to iowa last week which
3:46 am
was a fantastic weekend. i loved it. and i met everybody. and there is division. there is no question about it. there is a lot of division. if the republicans are going to win, they've got to stop the divisions. >> brian: we'll see. they vehemently disagree on very big topics. have you decided -- when with you decide to jump in or not? >> it's too early. i look and i just hate what's happening with our country. i see what's happening. it's so open. when i look at the sores and that's what it is, it's sores, our country is in such trouble. i look at it and i'll make the decision at some time. that's something i'm longing -- it's not something i want to do. i love what i'm doing. i'm building the old post office in pen opinion and jobs have all over the world. not something i want to do. but if somebody else is not going to do it right, i would certainly look at it very strongly. >> steve: all right.
3:47 am
let's talk a little bit about this, there is a florida attorney, paul rampell, and he wants to essentially change the way people are married. he is suggesting a wed lease where going in, a man and -- two spouses, put it that way, they say okay, let's go ahead and enter into this contract for -- it can be one year, it could be five years. it could be ten years. and then at the end of that period of time, if we're not getting along, we just won't continue the lease. what do you think about something like that? >> this is beyond prenuptial agreements. [ laughter ] i've always lectured on them. it's not very romantic when you go up to the man or woman and say, i love you very much, but i want a prenup. this is taking it a step about five steps further. i don't know. at some point, hey, look, i should be the one who says isn't this a wonderful judged? because i have always been a big fan of certain things.
3:48 am
especially people with big businesses. i think this might be taking it one step too far. >> steve: essentially you would be entering a marriage with your divorce papers in hand. >> you're saying at the two hands wear possibly getting divorced. >> anna: what's the point, right? >> well, there is a point. people do have a point. >> anna: they want the ceremony. >> i like the idea of a very good, well-written, well documented prenuptial agreement and that's bad enough. this is really taking the romance and the one thing about prenups, it does make it so easy that marriages don't stick. but maybe those are marriages that shouldn't stick. i think this is taking it a step too far. i happen to know paul rampell. he's a very, very good lawyer, excellent lawyer, brilliant guy, but i will tell you, this is going one step too far. >> brian: honey, i'd love to lease you. we do --
3:49 am
>> rick: i -- >> i wonder what the bible says about that. >> steve: they're very against it. by the way, congratulations, your daughter, ivanka, in the midst of a great marriage tweeted a picture. look at that. >> brian: second baby on the way? >> that's true. she's going to have a second child. she's a great person. she really is. she got tremendous heart. she really is. she's a tremendous person. she's going to have a second baby. that's right. >> brian: congratulations, grandpa. real quick, alex rodriguez is in the news. the yankees aren't speaking to him. are you? >> i'm not a fan. i haven't been a fan for a long time. even his high school coach said he used to take drugs. i'm not a fan of alex rodriguez. i just haven't been. every place he goes, there is divisiveness, people don't like him. whether he lives in my buildings, they don't like him. i just cannot be a fan of alex rodriguez.
3:50 am
and he never really played well under pressure, but maybe that's burks if you really look at it, he was just always taking the stuff. we'll see what happens. in a certain way, you have to have -- you almost feel sorry for him in one way. but at the same time, i've never liked him. i will never be a fan. >> steve: not a fan of a-rod nor the wed lease? >> no. probably in that order. >> steve: thank you very much. and congratulations to ivanka. >> thank you very much. >> steve: see you next monday. >> anna: 12 minutes after the hour. he's the republican senate detainee. democrats don't want you to know about him. why? they think he could actually take a seat from them. steve is explaining why he's causing so many waves in washington. >> brian: foot stamps not just for food. americans are turning them in for cash. >> steve: you can do that? >> brian: no.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> brian: the showdown peeking national interest. new jersey senate candidate republican steve lonigan versus cory booker in the race to fill the late senator lautenberg. >> steve: now a target of the dnc being labeled the face of the republican rebranding. why are democrats interested in him? joining us is said candidate, steve lonigan. why is the dnc terrified of you? >> because this election is a referendum on the obamacare agenda and a win in new jersey in october is a major setback to the obama regime and the democrats understand that. we have an opportunity in new jersey, the crossroads of the american revolution, to rebrand the republican party as the party of individual liberty and conservative principles. that scares the democrats a lot. >> brian: so you want to
3:55 am
rebrand. do you want to latch yourself on to the governor christie brand? >> i want to make the republican party the party of bold colors, that establishes the reagan image of america as a country of limited government and unlimited potential. and that's where we need to head. if we win in new jersey that, reignites the entire conservative movement in the whole country and the democrats are scared to death. they want to rebrand them as the party of moderates. >> steve: in fact, they're trying to brand you as just a crazy right wing nut. >> because i stand up for family values, freedom, country, individual liberty. this campaign is about individual liberty on a scale you've never seen in new jersey and maybe in the country in a very long time because we're watching under the obama agenda an assault on individual liberties, whether it's again, obamacare, common cores standard, nsa, all these things. >> brian: your advocating the destruction of medicare, medicaid and you claim the social security, like the governor of texas, is a ponzi scheme.
3:56 am
>> i'm advocating fort end of obamacare as we know t. it's already destroying jobs in this country. already going to take away 100,000 new jersey residents health insurance. that report came out yesterday. cory booker says obamacare is great. he doesn't think it's good, he thinks it's great. cory booker is too liberal for new jersey. that's the real story. because win in new jersey reignites the entire republican party and sets the agenda fort republican takeover in 2014 of the senate. >> steve: the dnc said about national republicans, quote, they did this autopsy five months ago and this is what they have? look at the races we've seen since. mark sanford, gomez and now steve. they clearly haven't learned from their mistake. it's distinction without a difference. the end result is they have these far right candidates who are going to cost them an election. >> far right candidates. i grew up in ridgefield park. my dad was a korean war vet. when my dad died, i was raised by my italian immigrant
3:57 am
grandparents. i've been married 32 years. both daughters are gold award girl scouts. they call that far right. i represent the main stream. cory booker is the liberal. >> brian: we look forward to the election coming up in october. >> steve: we did invite cory booker. he was unavailable. we got you instead. >> i'm glad to be here. >> steve: steve, thank you. >> brian: it sounds impossible. a train goes 110 miles per hour, hits a man head on and he survives. the design feature that likely saved his life. >> steve: does it involve that shoe we saw? ashton kucher takes on the tough role of playing steve jobs in the movie about the apple founder's life. so what was that like? michael tamaro is coming up next. >> impossible. >> i'm trying it build an apple and they're taking it away from me? >> if you keep heading down this path, i will not -- >> label ripoffs
3:58 am
too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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4:01 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. first 30%. that's how many more americans, according to a new study, are selling food stamps for cash illegally. nearly 48 million people receive food stamps. it costs 80 billion a year. next, 110 miles per hour. that's how fast a chicago bound train was going when it hit an indiana man. he was thrown 20 feet, but amazingly walked away with only a few broken bones. authorities say the angle front of the train probably saved his life. if he walked away those broken bones probably not in his legs. next 25 million. that's how much "the butler" made at the box office. making it the number one movie in america. >> steve: you know what, brian? speaking of the box office,
4:02 am
ashton kucher's new film "jobs" tanked, but the actor saying people should see this for a side of steve jobs they didn't know existed. >> anna: now we have michael tamaro. >> how are you. >> steve: when he was first named to be steve jobs, some people said, wait a minute. the sitcom guy is going to play this complicated steve jobs? >> he's come a long way from dude, where is my car. and this could be a big turning point. he has steve jobs down to a pat. mannerisms, the walk, the speech patterns. and he even landed himself in the hospital trying to imitate his diet. another aspect of steve jobs is side, which i wasn't aware of. we talked a little about that when we sat down with him recent ly for a press junket. >> there is a real intensity to steve jobs, which i was
4:03 am
surprised about, almost a darkness in a way. >> the thing that comes across is intensity. he was a brutally honest man. and well focused on the care of the consumer experience with products he was creating. i think he had enough care for the result that he was willing to be brutally honest to people and didn't care whether they liked him. >> a very serious ashton kucher. this is the first of two movies coming out. another is coming out based on the book that you told me to read and i bought it over the weekend. >> brian: it's going to take you a month. it's 1,000 pages. >> that's probably going to be more the definitive movie. but this movie is seeing just for ashton kucher's performance. >> steve: isn't that basing if it came in 7th? >> oprah is a tough act to follow. >> brian: it's true.
4:04 am
he's our thomas edison of this generation. if you want to know how our iphone and ipad works, this is how it started. >> i hear they're taking off. >> anna: do you think this is one of those movies that after you saw it, you enjoyed it and told your friends and it spreads a month later? >> there is pretty mixed emotions about it. >> brian: you have to have a lot of friends. >> steve: maybe this should have been the first ever direct to itunes movie. >> that's one way to market it. >> number four? >> brian: no idea. >> you can say it. >> brian: i thought it was "here comes the boom." >> you can catch my entire
4:05 am
interview at in the fox >> steve: there is michael tamaro. always a pleasure. >> anna: 7:27 is the time. u.s. marine allowed to fight for his country, but not allowed to play college football? the ncaa is saying that. what do you think? y e-mails and tweets coming up. >> brian: and speak of our nation's heros. patty ann brown at fenway park this morning for a very special softball game. hey, patty ann. >> hi, guys. it is a special game tonight here at fenway between the wounded warriors and the boston marathon first responders. we'll talk to some of them live. the game is tonight, but they're already warming up. hey mike, catch !
4:06 am
4:07 am
4:08 am
4:09 am
>> steve: it's injure shot of the morning. a massive volcano erupts in japan for the 500th time this year. video captured the moment the volcano went off. let's roll it. once again, it happened in the southwestern corner of the country. the nearby city was covered in ash. no injuries or damage has been reported. 500 times this year. >> anna: i guess they're used to it. get out the broom again. time to sweep up the ash for the
4:10 am
500th time. >> steve: it's ash wednesday, ash thursday, ash friday. >> brian: i get upset when a plane comes over because for a while you can't talk. can you imagine a volcano going over and you can't talk? >> anna: 32 minutes after the hour. we have a fox news alert to get to. we just learned that hosni mubarak could be free from prison in the next 48 hours after prosecutors cleared him of corruption. this as chaos at the country continues. suspected egyptian militants ambushed police officers in northern sinai, leaving 25 dead. the egyptian army admits to killing dozens of muslim brotherhood members. the violence continues. in the united states, lawmakers are debating if it's time to cut off aid to the troubled nation. egypt receives $1.3 billion in aid from america last year. the ball is back in her court. the "new york post" reports
4:11 am
tennis referee charged with murdering her husband but then cleared has just been reinstated. lois goodman will be back to officiate this year's u.s. open. the 71-year-old was called away in handcuffs last year for allegedly killing her 80-year-old husband in california. her lawyers are now suing the lapd. they say the arrest was just a publicity stunt to humiliate her. >> brian: wildlife officials in michigan conducting tests to determine whether a black bear shot and killed is the same one that attacked a 12-year-old girl twice. amazingly, abbey is okay. she played dead and neighbors came to her rescue. she was mauled in five states overt past week because we're approaching hibernation season. hungry bears are trying to bulk up looking everywhere for a meal. >> steve: meanwhile, this one is
4:12 am
a mouth full. a man whose full legal name is bezo do do zoppitybopbopbop. or boozo for short, was arrested in iowa for felonious drug possession. the 32-year-old first made headlines with his crazy name last year after being arrested in wisconsin. he was born jeffrey drew wilchey but changed his name two years ago to something he calls more fitting. >> anna: there was a story with a long time. and it took so long to say the name, that i think he ended up dying in the well? >> steve: a cheery story. >> brian: fantastic.
4:13 am
>> steve: that's the reason we did "good night moon," nobody died. on to an extreme weather alert. days of rain in the southeastern united states have left quite a mess. in georgia, the ground is so saturated, it can't soak in more water. when are things going to dry out. maria molina joins us right now. >> good morning. unfortunately, i don't really have much good news across sections of the southeastern u.s. because we've been seeing a lot of heavy rain over the last several days and like steve mentioned, the ground is already saturated from all of that heavy rain. as much as a foot of rain has fallen in sections of the panhandle of florida, number of warnings are in effect. also flash flood watches across parts of florida, georgia and also sections of south carolina. in the forecast, unfortunately, we are expecting more areas of heavy rain out here, widespread amounts of three to even five inches locally in some areas, especially those shaded in red across parts of north carolina, south carolina and sections of
4:14 am
georgia. again, expecting a lot more rain over here over the next several days across the southeastern u.s. that rain is also going to keep you relatively cool. on saturday, atlanta only got up to 66 degrees, very, very cool for the month of august. today you're talking 80. otherwise sections of the midwest, warming up, 93 in rapid city. that heat is headed eastbound coming up as we head into tomorrow. new york city, 87 expected as we head into tomorrow. >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: the ncaa has this rule, if you play for a professional organization or organized amateur organization, you're going to lose eligibility if not all your eligibility when it comes to playing college sports that. has struck a cord with many people who think if you're in the marines playing intermural football, even though there is a schedule and you're wearing uniforms, you should still have four years of eligibility to play for middle tennessee state. this is an actual situation. >> steve: that's right. he's 6' 3, he's 240 pounds, 24
4:15 am
years old, steven rose. we got a picture of him. he would like to play football as a freshman for middle tennessee. but because the ncaa rules, because he played rec ball in the a reins, he is ineligible. crazy. >> anna: this is essentially just intermural ball that he was playing. he said sometimes they would go six weeks between games. but because they had uniforms and kept score, it was considered organized. this is what's going o. we asked for your feedback. and chris says, so let me get this straight as an active ncaa player, you can get arrested for assaulting your girlfriend, possessing drug, dwi, use steroids, et cetera, and still play football, but if you served your country and played in a recreation league, you're banned from ncaa sports? wow. >> steve: crazy. >> brian: michael says he should not be allowed to play. rules are in place for a reason. yes, but he is not play not
4:16 am
guilty a league that fits the criteria that they spelled out. they say that if you're a student athlete who does not enroll in a college of graduating high school, you'll be charged with collegiate ineligibility that you participate in competition. but if you're playing at camp pendleton, i don't think that accounts for the semi pro bowl that they're referring to. >> anna: the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law. but they have won a partial appeal just last week. so they're going to recoup some two years. >> steve: but still, they got to change the rules. >> brian: speak of our nation's heros. patty ann brown live at fenway park for a special softball game tonight. hey there. >> good morning. hello, everyone. if you are looking for athletes who are real heros and role models for our kids, these are the guys. wounded warriors amputee softball team. tonight here they're play ago special game against the boston
4:17 am
marathon first responders. police, fire, and ems. they're going to be competing tonight at 6 p.m but they're here warming up. we have greg reynolds from the wounded warriors team. he was the mvp of the 2012 mlb all-star game and congratulations to you for that. you are from boston. how special is it for you to be here tonight serving as an inspiration for 16 people who lost their limbs in that bombing, as well as amputees nationwide? >> i'm really thrilled and honored to be here. fenway is fenway. but to shed light on the boston bombing victims and my team spreads a life that life without limbs is limitless. if you come out, you'll be inspired and motivated and hopefully leave here knowing that the only limitations you have are what you put on yourself. >> your wounded warrior team, you played in 25 states. you're playing against nonamputees.
4:18 am
you're really great. how impresssive is it for you to be on this team? >> this team has allowed me to share a sense of comraderie again that i miss being in the military. not only that, but i get to be with my brothers again. we already have something in common. secondly, we served in the united states military. third, we're coming out and promoting a great message that we can share to anyone and anybody in the united states and anywhere in the world. it's just really, really awesome. >> i want to get to tim murray of the boston pd. you were there after the bombing at the finish line. how important is it to you to be here? >> very important. unlike greg, i didn't serve in the armed forces, so i wasn't prepared for the carnage i saw that day. i realize how lucky i am. it's a privilege to take the field with them today. >> that game is tonight at 6:00 p.m. here at fenway. it's free. but they are looking for donations. the information is on the web site. i know we're putting that up on the screen of the come out if you're in the boston area. back to you guys. >> steve: patty ann brown. thank you very much. great night tonight.
4:19 am
>> brian: yeah, amazing. wounded >> anna: trayvon martin's mother getting in on the stop and frisk debate. >> you can't yield people to authority whether it's a civilian or police officer, the right to stop somebody because of the color of their skin. >> anna: is her case a good example of stop and frisk? a former nypd detective is next. >> steve: he does not have the monday blues. but some do. if you do, there is a food fort monday blues. we'll show what you to eat to make you feel better instantly.
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
>> anna: it's going to be a great day. can you feel? quick lines. scott brown dipping his toe into speculation about 2016. fox just attended the eye astate fair. he's also planning to return again soon. iowa holds the nation's first presidential caucuses. mark zuckerberg's facebook account isn't safe from hackers. a palestinian man used a glitch to post on his personal page. he was mad after the company refused to listen to his warnings about a new security flaw on the site. steve, over to you. >> steve: thank you very much. a bombshell ruling by a u.s. district judge here in new york city calling on new york to stop one of its most successful anticrime initiatives. stop and frisk. >> no question about it. violent crime will go up. again, this is not a program. this is something that's integral to police. this happens throughout america. any police jurisdiction, you have to do it. officers have to have the right of inquiry if they see some
4:24 am
suspicious behavior. i can assure you this is not just a new york city issue. it's an issue throughout america. >> steve: stop and frisk program let's police search suspects without probable cause. so will this change handcuff police from doing their jobs? here to weigh in is former nypd detective. mr. diddle. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what do you think? >> i was fortunate enough to be a policeman in the 1970s and '80s. we had rampant crime. we had 2300 murders-plus, hundreds of thousands of robberies. part of the initiative of the cops at that time was saturate these areas of high crime where there were a lot of robberies. i'm sorry to say, the high crime areas are the minority areas. so when go into those areas, which would you rather as a parent of a minority child, would you rather frisked or killed by a you you will i legal
4:25 am
gun. it's not a racial thing. it's a fact that guns are killing people. they're killing minority children in our neighborhoods. even the parents of a young child from chicago says please, don't stop your stop and frisk in new york. it's going to be just like chicago. i will guarantee you, crime will raise so high because people are going to be packing guns. they're telling the cops if you frisk somebody, you'll be personally liable for a lawsuit. come on, this is ridiculous. we want our children, all our children, minority children, everybody to be safe. and in order for them to be safe, they have to be able to get these guns off the street. they love to throw in the nra this. these are not nra guns that are killing people. these are illegal hand guns. the only way you get illegal hand guns off the street is -- there is a way of doing it. you walk up to somebody, say look, we had a couple shootings, i'm going to pat you down, my friend. i don't mean to offend you, you ever need me again, my name is
4:26 am
boe, i'm a detective. you look me up. that's what they should be doing is teaching them courtesy. you're going to get the wise guy, the gang member, get your hands off me, then you got to deal with that. >> steve: you do. trayvon martin's mother was on television yesterday. she said that stop if frisk is racial profiling. >> she can say anything she wants. she lost her son and i feel very, very -- my heart goes out to her. no one wants to see that. whatever opinion you have on the case, the idea is she lost a son. nobody wanted to see that happen. we're mixing apples and oranges here. we're talking about stop -- stop and frisk didn't just start. we were doing it back in the '70s and that was part of the reduction. when ghouliany came in and bloomberg -- inform and did you it because it worked. >> it worked and it still does work. you take that away -- i talk to officers all the time on the
4:27 am
street and say, i'm not going to get involved. >> steve: you're involved in this today. thank you very much. >> thank you very much for having me. >> steve: what do you think? e-mail us. meanwhile, straight ahead, this pro golfer almost died on the course from a heart attack. then had two heart transplants and he's here with a message everybody needs to hear. his amazing story with brian coming up. first on this date back in 1986, madonna's "papa don't preach," number one song coast to coast. ♪ papa don't preach ♪ ♪ i've been losing sleep ♪ but i made up my mind ♪ i'm keeping my baby ♪ i'm gonna keep my baby [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
4:28 am
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4:31 am
>> brian: he's undergone two heart transplants. you heard me. today he's living his dream playing professional golf. >> anna: we're talking about professional golfer who joins us now. good morning to you. you're in new york for the fed-ex cup, $8 million purse, which is incredible. you're really on a campaign for organ and tissue donation. >> yeah. being in new york for the first round is really exciting. not only playing as a golfer, but a heart transplant recipient. our cause has been being a representative as a transplant and raising awareness. >> anna: transplant twice? >> yeah. >> brian: 2007, you're having a heart attack. after getting a heart when you were younger, it's happening again. what are you thinking? >> there is a lot of things that go through your head at that time obviously. you think about your loved ones and it's just a really difficult time obviously.
4:32 am
kind of beat it, and now i'm out here basically talking about living life again and playing on the tour. i just want everybody to have the same opportunity that i've had and that's why i promote organ donation and our cause for play through our program. >> brian: as great as this is, you want to focus on building a life, right? >> all of it. >> anna: first you get diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at age nine. then it happens again. it really let you have an opportunity to continue being an athlete. what opportunities would this really afford for other people in similar situations? >> obviously me playing golf, i'm on a grand stage, but there is plenty of great stories of people who had transplants that have gone on to do remarkable things. alone galore -- alonzo mooring.
4:33 am
>> brian: i want to do something selfish. i'm going to play with the president this a couple of weeks. i want to chip the ball. is that possible? and maybe hit a few putts? >> sure. i don't want to break a window here. >> brian: don't worry. we're insured. can you line up, chris, so we can see the flight of the ball? what are we going to do? >> i'm going to hit it like a 30-yard shot and dan will catch it at the ends. >> brian: dan, good luck! nice. one more time. you're afraid of hurting him. don't be afraid! we've got bullet proof glass. very nice. that's good from how many yards out? >> about 30 yards. >> brian: that lands on the green, right? >> that's where the money is being made in the short game. >> brian: congratulations on what you've done and what you've accomplished. >> anna: give us the web site.
4:34 am
>> >> brian: just don't tackle him if you see him out there. steve, take it away. >> steve: thank you very much, brian and anna. we got putt putt in midtown manhattan tonight. almost everybody agrees, obamacare is going to raise the cost of health insurance. but the president says, it's the republicans who want to harm americans. bret baier here with the latest at the top of the hour too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. and experience the connectivity of the available lexus enform, including the es and rx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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4:37 am
>> anna: there you are. so nice to see you. i'm anna kooiman. back to work monday. the 19th of august. i'm in for gretchen this morning. so much for working with congress. the president going after republicans, saying they are attacking obamacare because they want to harm americans. really? special report host bret baier here to weigh in. >> steve: and as your kids head back to school, the obama administration has new math rules waiting for your kids. >> three times four was 11.
4:38 am
if they were able to explain their reasoning, the emphasis is really moving more towards the explanation. >> steve: huh? there is no right answer anymore? we're going to explain common core. >> brian: nothing brings a family together like armageddon? the stars of the new show "doomsday castle" here live with why they're prepared for the end of the world. "fox & friends'" final hour unless we're extended starts right now. >> steve: unless we're extended. >> brian: you never know. >> steve: why don't we go right up until 7:00 p.m. starting at -- let's see -- >> anna: the fox report. >> steve: a would intrude on bret baier who is returning after a week away. good morning to you, bret. >> good morning. how are you? yeah, they'd trump me. >> steve: we just had trump on. [ laughter ] we've already trumped you.
4:39 am
>> brian: you're welcome to the sound for your show. >> steve: as you return back from your vacation, egypt is a big mess now. washingtonians and politicians are saying, maybe we should actually suspend that aid to egypt. mayb their attention. >> there is a back and forth now here in washington and all over about this $1.5 billion in aid military and economic aid to egypt because of the violence that they've seen. some 1,000 killed in recent days by the interim government birks the violence back and forth by the muslim brotherhood. this morning the breaking news, that hosni mubarak is going to be let go, according to multiple reports. that probably is not going to quell any violence on the streets. so as you have this debate of whether this was a military coup or not and most people believe it fits the definition, that aid hangs in the balance. i think you had many lawmakers changing their minds this
4:40 am
weekend on sunday shows whether they should suspend the aid. >> brian: bret, i don't get it. muslim brotherhood are the enemy of america. they're the foundation of al-qaeda. we don't deal with hamas and after they won election. and here is the big secret, we've already paid out the aid. we have a couple of f-16s we haven't wrapped up and sent over. but besides that, the cat is out of the bag! maybe next year's aid could be on the docket. >> exactly. all of it, as you mentioned, has already gone out the door. these f-16s were held back, but only a couple of them. and of the four -- and you have 1.5, $1.6 billion, most of it already gone. so this interim government for the people who say that the money affects this government and the u.s. could have a chance to influence this interim government, the critics say look, in the big picture, the gulf states are putting in $14 billion. so it's not really a big
4:41 am
incentive. >> brian: i want to factor in one more thing, when morsi was president, elected with 51% of the vote, i believe, if that was on the up and up, but no one says it hasn't been, the first thing he did was call iran and reestablish and give them rights to their waterways again. now that he's not in power, the iranian relationship is fractured. that is good for america. >> sure. the muslim brotherhood is not a friend of america and there is not a sense that that relationship, as much as this administration tried to cultivate it, didn't develop at all. when you talk to foreign diplomats in the gulf states, many of them have told us that the u.s. appears weak in the region, just because of things said and not delivered upon. >> anna: bret, we're going to switch gears and talk about the other hot topic, obamacare. we've watched this thing swell from 2500 pages to more than
4:42 am
17,000, 18,000 pages as it bloats bigger and bigger as they pile on the different regulations and all that. now the president is saying that essentially republicans are trying to block this and harm americans and harm our economy. let's take a listen to the president. >> they're actually having a debate between hurting americans who will no longer be denied affordable health care just because they've been sick and harming the economy of millions of americans in the process. the united states of america, health insurance isn't a privilege. it's your right. we're going to keep it that way. >> steve: does picking on the opposing party get that bipartisan spirit going down there in dc, 'cause i didn't see much of it right there. >> no, no, it doesn't. listen, he is hitting on -- the president is hitting on the policyics here because the republican party is flipped on -- split on this way forward about how to deal with obamacare. you have the wing that wants to try to hold everything up to try
4:43 am
to kill obamacare and the funding for it, something that will not realistically happen. there will not be a signature by this president killing his main legislative achievements in the administration eyes. so he is trying to drive a wedge right between these republicans politically. one thing the president does do well is get out on the stump and do that, campaign. you may see more of these phrases around the country as he does these stops. on the regulations, it's i think more than 19,000 pages now. it continues to go up. >> brian: wow. the president is going to hop on a bus and tell us about it now that he's back from vacation. when is your conference call where you decide what charles krauthammer will be asked? >> in about two hours. >> brian: okay. we'll cover it live. [ laughter ] >> steve: one of the things about bret is he always tweets. what would you like to see on the show tonight. you ever listen to the people?
4:44 am
>> i do. i love responding to the ones that have the really critical tweets, you know, and then you tweet back and they say, wow, i didn't think anybody was going to read this. [ laughter ] >> steve: one viewer at a time. >> brian: the thing is, i don't get any negative tweets. so i don't know what you're talking about. >> steve: i can fix that filter. bret, we'll be watching tonight, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> see you guys. >> anna: six minutes after the hour. we start with another fox news alert. we want to let you know with brand-new video from a courtroom in south africa where a judge formally charged oscar pistorius with the murder of his girlfriend. steenkamp would have been 30 years old today. the olympian, who have at one point crying, will now go on trial in march. his fate will be up to the judge, not jury. south africa does not have trial by jury. new details in the aaron hernandez murder case. "boston globe" reporting he may have murdered semi pro football player odin lloyd because he knew about two other murders.
4:45 am
the former patriots star allegedly committed. a grand jury is investigating if hernandez was involved in the murders of the two immigrants in 2012. the former tight end pleaded not guilty to murder charges. he's currently in jail awaiting trial. new overnight a new report out of germany saying al-qaeda is plotting terrorist attacks on europe's high speed rail networks. the nsa reportedly learned of the plot after listening to a conference call involving leaders from al-qaeda. it's believed al-qaeda wants to plant explosives on trains and tunnels, sabotage tracks and cables. the news forcing officials to tighten security at key train stations. no word yet from the obama administration. a lawsuit denying that it's a ripoff of the prince of motown. listen to this song.
4:46 am
♪ baby, you don't need none ♪ that man is not your maker ♪ good girl ♪ . >> anna: everybody singing along of the. the gay family says it sounds the same. let's listen to that. ♪ >> anna: you be the judge. pretty similar. the lawsuit claims the gay family is claiming ownership of an entire genre as opposed to a specific work. >> brian: that's a tough call. >> anna: it is. >> steve: close. today is back to school day for a lot of kids all across the country. as you send your kids back to school, did you realize that this thing called common core, a new national curriculum, is going to be imposed on school districts all across the country. what's interesting is we've got a youtube video of a woman by the name of amanda august, a
4:47 am
crick cluck coordinator in chicago, explaining how going forward under common core, kids can actually get the answer wrong and yet, they'll be scored correctly. listen. >> 3 times 4 was 11. if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in words and in oral explanations, and they showed it in the picture but just got the final number wrong, we're really more focusing on the how. >> brian: could we go back and correct some of my fifth grade work? >> steve: 'cause you know how it multiply. kids won't know how to multiply. a wrong answer is the right answer. >> anna: is this the continuation of woosification of america? this is not going to work in the real world if this child becomes a doctor and decides to operate on the wrong knee and says oh,
4:48 am
well, i accidentally thought it was this one. so now i know it's this one. no, that's not going to work. we asked for your e-mails. >> steve: sandra is a kindergarten teacher and writes, too many children do not know or understand how to think for themselves. i hope ccs, common core, improves this situation. >> brian: mark sounds different, but i'll read it. when it comes to paying both teachers teachers and government employees, let me use common core standards to calculate their pay. >> steve: i also saw one other e-mail from somebody who identified themselves as a teacher and said that that curriculum instructor in the video is wrong. you're supposed to be able to explain the theory behind it even though it's wrong, but then you also have to get the answer right. so it sounds like there is a problem here. that coordinator is saying an incorrect way to go forward with common core. >> anna: yeah. and this has been put together by different governors. but the federal government will be funding this. >> steve: your kids are going to be learning that.
4:49 am
>> anna: the wrong answer is right? what? a whole lot more coming up. the president facing backlash from his own party over the latest nsa bombshell. is it finally time for transparency? dennis kucinich here next. >> brian: who needs a water pump when you have this. most creative idea ever. by russians dying for amusement. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. you need a girls' weekend and you need it now. ladies, let's goo vegas.
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4:52 am
those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. >> brian: president obama promised transparency. he claimed the nsa was not abusing its authority. but an audit leaked by -- an emergency room audit and the leaks revealed a different story. they had 3,000 violations, none
4:53 am
of them deemed intentional. but that happened in one year alone. the nsa says there were mistakes, but lawmakers from both sides of the aisle aren't buying it. joining us to talk about this, former congressman out of ohio and fox news contributor, dennis kucinich. are you concerned about this, because some on the right are concerned. some on the left are concerned. then you have peter king and congressman rogers who say i knew about this the whole time. >> our american way of life is at stake here. what it means to be an american is at stake. our constitution is at stake. am i concerned? you bet i am. when i see our government massively going into people's private lives, the defense is, well, we're doing it billions of times and these thousands of times a year are just a small percentage. what a confession. we need to get this under control and fast because our whole democratic way of life is being chipped away here. >> brian: here is what the guy who hasn't been there since 2008 is the one defending it coherently. what do you think about director
4:54 am
hayden? he said all the incidents were inadvertent. no one claims any rules were intentionally violated. all the incidents were discovered and corrected by the nsa themselves and two-thirds of the incidents were comprised of foreigners temporarily in the united states. your reaction? >> well, we know from the "washington post" report of last week that there has been a constructive effort on the part of the nsa to subvert the fisa court, to make sure that no violations or minimum violations were reported. this is a problem. congress is kept in the dark. the president is kept in the dark. the fisa court is kept in the dark. our rights are being subverted. no, it's not acceptable. we have to challenge it. we have to challenge it forcefully. >> brian: congressman, do you agree that we need to keep certain things secret in order to successfully surveil our
4:55 am
would be enemies/terrorists? >> i don't know. we have to -- except we have to look at the instant case of right now where the nsa is engaged in massive surveillance against the american people. the question that i ask is, are we going -- are we being protected by the nsa or do we need to be protected from the nsa? >> brian: that's true. that's a good concern. but is there anybody that you think that is going against america? do you think that general alexander is against america? do you think the people within the nsa are trying to spy on dennis cue sin ship or stop the next hasan from shooting his colleagues? >> this is about the constitution, which has a personalities all of its own. i can cite you chapter and verse. first amendment violations, 4th amendment violations, fifth amendment vitals, 6th amendment violations and 14th amendment violations that are going on right now because of the way the nsa is conducting its activities involving the american people.
4:56 am
>> brian: you think the president and all these other people that are work the nsa to grow it have glossed their way? >> i don't know if they understand exactly what's happening. when you see the president go on fox and other networks and make the comments that basically assure the american people, don't worry about it. there is no violation, there is no massive spying on americans, and then you see reports surface just a few days later that contradict the president's assurances, one of two things is happening. other the president himself is going kept in the dark or the president knows and isn't telling the american people. >> brian: real quick, the nsa within three months gets disbanded, gets voted down by congress and things start blowing up in new york city and los angeles, what do you think then? >> first of all, the scenario is this, we have over a dozen spy agencies and we have state and local police who have been involved in gathering information. the question is, can we protect
4:57 am
our country without shredding our constitution? it's our constitution which is our first line of protection. >> brian: okay. but it's not a suicide pact and you know how this debate goes. good debate, congressman. always love having you on. >> thank you. >> brian: let's talk baseball. a-rod being beaned by a ball last night. against the red sox. i didn't know there was brad wright between the two teams. hear what the pitcher is saying this morning. and got the monday blues? there is a food for that. we'll show you what to eat to make you feel better about yourself.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
>> steve: we got quick headlines. nine-year-old utah girl is dead after a strong gust of wind
5:01 am
picked up the trampoline she was sitting on and sent it flying more than 150 feet. there is your picture right there. officials say the trampoline was properly anchored to the ground and had a safety net as it should. meanwhile, a life changing procedure for a boy on the verge of losing his hearing. >> i hear you! >> good job! >> i hear that! >> good! >> steve: that's great. that's four-year-old nick bendser hearing his mother's voice clearly the first time ever. he had just received new cochlear implants. >> anna: great story there. thanks. have you ever had a headache that won't go away? how about your body, maybe it's trying to tell you something? there are some simple food fixes to cure those common ail ams. here to help us is kimberly snyder. good morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> anna: the first one looks
5:02 am
amazing. it's quinoa. >> they're great for boosting serotonin in the brain which helps with a better mood. quinoa has iron because it helps get more oxygen to the brain, which reduces headaches. you can see this is one of my recipes in my book. it looks really pretty complicated, but it's easy to make. you can see the brightness. i recommend eating the whole foods rather than trying to take supplements and pills, and working to get these whole foods into your diet. >> anna: that will fill you up more than a vitamin will. >> it will fill you up and you'll get so many great compounds in it as well. >> anna: we wake up and our face is puffy? >> easy to grab a banana. one thing that leads to the puffiness is a lack of sleep. bananas help with insomnia and preventing irritability and have
5:03 am
magnesium. so easy. and cranberry. this is great. it helps prevent bloating a. natural diuretic. this helps your kidneys pump out excess salt. it's the concentrate that you want to pour into the water. not the really sugary cocktail, but the concentrate that you get at health food stores. >> anna: we've got a couple more to get to. general aches and pains, mushrooms are good? >> aches and pains can be attribute to do a lack of vitamin d. it also helps your brain function at its peak. you can get it from the sunlight and certain natural food sources. pour at that bela -- portabella mushrooms are good. here are the actual -- with this, we're chopping it and using it like ground beef and has a lot of protein and you can make a burger. >> anna: or make an omlette. flaxseed and sweet potatoes? >> they're really great for
5:04 am
smooth skin. if you're getting cracks and your skin is starting to age, this has b vitamins. sweet potatoes alsos have vitamin a, c, to help welcome jen in your your -- with collagen. flax seeds, you can throw them in salads and soup. >> anna: thank you so much. sorry, we have to wrap it up. once again, the title of the book is "the beauty detox foods." it looks amazing. thank you. >> thank you. >> anna: coming up next, a sign of the times, one of our enemies adding a new class in school. how to hunt down drones. the story you've got it hear, that's coming up next. and who needs a water park when you have this? the most creative idea ever or do you think is just plain stupid? we'll have more on this coming up [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
5:05 am
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5:08 am
>> brian: looks like some initiation. but it's a choice. your shot of the morning. who needs water when you can make your own ride russian
5:09 am
style? yeah. i guess you still think water in a water park. this idea comes from these boys out of russia. young men, great idea or just plain stupid? they made it all with the equipment -- >> steve: somebody figured out how to turn it on. >> brian: is there anything more dangerous than that? what we do in america is when we're hot and not by a pool, we will open up a fire hydrant. >> anna: or run through sprinkler. >> steve: for openers, it's with a hydrant you're squirting on you, it's a little different than having several ton excavator or digger right there plunging you down in the water. if the guy operating it is a kid, it accidentally goes 12 feet too far deep -- it's crazy. >> anna: and they picked the dirtiest water possible. that president-elect obama is a real -- probable slay a real construction site. >> brian: you go to hershey
5:10 am
park, you're a half inch under the height, get off. the kid can't ride. over here, three kids without shirts on can hop on a crane and play play in a dirty body of water. is one of them snowden? >> steve: they did wind up on television. >> brian: i got to tell you, startling news this morning. fox news alert now, we've just learned former egypt onpresident hosni mubarak could be freed from prison in the next 48 hours. after prosecutors clear him of corruption? i wonder if his sons are next. this is chaos. militants ambushed police officers in the northern sinai, leaving 25 dead. not many people are saying this, but the military has lost 100 people. the country is bracing for more violence this week. in the u.s., lawmakers are debating whether it's time to cut off aid to the nation. egypt received $1.3 billion in aid from america last year. experts worry the crisis could cause a spike in the cost of oil
5:11 am
and gas. crude oil prices hit a five-months high last week. it could get worse if operations in the suez canal and egypt are disrupted. >> anna: wildlife officials in michigan conducting tests to determine whether a black bear shot and killed is the same one that attacked a 12-year-old girl she's okay. she played dead and neighbors came to her rescue after she screamed for help. abbey, one of at least six people who have been mauled and attacked in five states over just the last week. officials believe it's happening because we are approaching hibernation season and the hungry bears are trying to bulk up, looking everywhere for a meal. yikes. >> steve: we've had them in our backyard trying to get to the garbage can. meanwhile, this lesson plan definitely gets an f. students in iran will soon start learning how to hunt down drones. great. it's believed teachers will use games like simulators on
5:12 am
computers to teach the students. critics say the subject is really meant to try brainwashing young children that america is the enemy. that's nothing new. >> anna: prince william is speaking out in his first post-baby interview. he says his life is filled with diaper changes and late night bottle feeding. he tells cnn, little prince george can be a handful. >> he's a little bit of a rascal, we'll put it that way. he either reminds me of my brother or me when i was younger, i'm not sure. but he's doing very well at the moment. >> anna: rascal, i'm going to go with harry. prince william says the most nerve rack part of his first day as a dad was getting the car seat in right. and those are your headlines. i wonder if he's really doing the diaper changing. >> steve: of course he is. now let's go on over to arrascal, mr. kilmeade. >> brian: all you have to do is call a jack, a royal jack. like the cars. aren't there royal jacks?
5:13 am
look it up, steve, please. >> steve: life is not a deck of cards. >> brian: seems like it. yankees-red sox got this rivalry going on. it took another crazy twist last night. the pitcher decided we're winning, so i'll throw at alex rodriguez. he said he was trying to pitch inside. he started to explain his side of the story. by the way, it was intentional. he got injected. a-rod wasn't happy. but he would get the last laugh, but they would not throw at the next red sox. he would hit a homerun,,. new security policy, look. fans not happy. >> actually i found out this is too big to bring inside. >> i had no idea this was going to be too large. it's a very small bag.
5:14 am
>> brian: wow. security, the rules are this from now on. you can bring clear bags in. 12 inches by six inches by 12 inches. bring a ruler. a nonclear bag has to be even smaller. binoculars and cameras are okay, but say good-bye to their cases. finally, football players take hard hits, but should side line reporters wear protection? look at this. fox sports' reporter pam oliver, one of the best in the business, about to take a football right to the side of the face. it's an exhibition game. the culprit? back up quarterback through it. pam is okay. she laughed it off burks demand they cut harnisch. only kidding. he came over to give her a hug and say sorry. indianapolis beats the giants in a meaningless game. i would just like to take this time to -- [ laughter ] -- i started walking away.
5:15 am
i got to -- maria, sorry. it was very rude of me to walk away without talking. >> yeah, gout to talk to me. >> brian: i apologize. >> good morning, everyone. let's look at the weather conditions as brian heads back to the curvy couch. in the southeast, out here we've been experiencing a lot of heavy rain over the last several days, a lot of flooding occurring. we're talking about over a foot of rainfalling. it's not just over the last couple days, but over the next several days we're also expecting to see more rain, three to five inches. the ground saturated from the heavy rain we've seen. flood ago huge concern. the watches will remain posted of today. the rain out here has also kept temperatures relatively cool. over the weekend, you only got into the 60s across the city of atlanta. today a little warmer. high temperature at 80. still a little below average, in north carolina, in the 70s. the cool weather is over in the midwest. it's been feeling like fall. but now you're talking 90s and
5:16 am
widespread upper 80s. let's head back into the studio. tomorrow, 87 degrees will be the high temperature in new york city. it will be heing up out here. >> anna: we're doing research to find out if royal jacks in a deck of cards are real. >> brian: are jacks real? >> brian, i'm always on your side, if you say they are, they are. >> steve: a jack also nave, which in traditional decks pictures a man in traditional aristocratic deck, generally associated with europe. 16th and 17th centsur -- century. thank you very much. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. later today at fenway park, the wound warrior amputee softball team will take on the boston marathon first responders. patti ann brown has the latest. >> good morning, everyone.
5:17 am
they are called america's favorite team. for good reason. they are the wounded warriors, amputee softball team, all of them served our country in the military. some are still serving. they all lost limbs. now they travel the country to inspire amputees and everyone. tonight they really have some special people to inspire. they're here to play against the boston marathon first responders that includes police, fire and ems. they especially want to inspire the 16 people who lost limbs during that tragic bombing on april 15. they're warming up right now, as you can see. joining me now, we have some folks from both teams. next team is lieutenant john cotter, with the boston ems. then we have matt kinsey, he was the mvp of the mlb all star softball game in 2012. i had mentioned earlier that was greg. but greg corrected me. it was matt. and congratulations. next to him we have ed kelly of the boston fire department. he's wearing a shirt in honor of eight-year-old martin richard, who tragically was killed in
5:18 am
that boston bombing. matt, let's start with lieutenant cotter. how important is it to be here? >> an absolute honor. when i first found out about this last week when they reached out to ask players, i didn't hesitate to say yes. just in the last half hour to meet these guys, it's overwhelming hearing some of the stories, and to come out here tonight's in the city i grew up in to be able to play with these guys is an absolute honor. >> matt, you lost a foot. the slogan of your group is life without a limb is limitless. what message do you want to send to boston tonight? >> first off, this is an honor to be here at fenway. the fans were great last night. the message, the hard work and dedication that you can overcome obstacles. losing a limb is not an easy thing by any means and being a i a -- being able to come back and compete at a high level like we are, it shows them what they can
5:19 am
look and strive to be and shows them they can continue to do anything they want to do as long as they work hard. >> you do compete at a high level. you've been to 25 states, played in 55 cities. you have a very impresssive winning record. we'll see how they do tonight against the first responders. it is free, but they are accepting donations. their web site is if you're in the boston other, - area action come on down. >> brian: it's unbelievable how good they are. meanwhile, straight ahead. >> anna: we told you about the new law that let's transgender kids choose what bathroom they want to use. our next guest is pulling his kids out of school because of it. >> steve: and nothing brings a family together like armageddon. stars of the new show "doomsday castle" here live with how they're preparing for the end of the world, if they don't kill each other first.
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> steve: new law in california is stirring up controversy. governor brown signed a bill designed to protect transgender students in the state's public schools, giving each of them the right to choose, for instance, which bathroom they will use and whether they will playboy or girl sports. and while supporters say it will cut down on bullying, which is always good, our next guest predicts it's going to be a recipe for disaster and he is already pulling one of his kids out of public school because of it. california state assemblyman joins us live from los angeles. tim, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: i understand you sat down with your two boys, one is
5:24 am
13, one is 16. they both go to public schools and what were their concerns about this? >> when i first talked to them about it, my 13-year-old who just had this horrified look on his face and said seriously, dad? he says, that's the stupidest idea i've ever heard. and they expressed real concern over using the bathroom in particular with the girl in the next stall. you can't blame them. it's hard for some of us to remember when we were teen-agers, but your body is going through incredible physiological changes, hormonal changes, and it's a very confusing time and you're uncomfortable with yourself. the idea of using the restroom facilities or taking a shower and showers are pretty much wide open and being naked in front of someone that you might want to ask out, we're talking about children here. we're not talking about adults.
5:25 am
>> steve: absolutely. i understand you've already pulled one of your kids out. the other son, you're going to wait and see what happens. you're holing out this bill is going to be repealed, right? >> well, yeah. there wasn't a whole lot of coverage of the bill before governor brown signed it. but once he signed it, there has been a tsunami of discontent. there are multiple efforts or at least an effort by multiple groups to repeal it. we have a referendum process here. you only have 90 days to get 500,000 signatures. when you look at this bill, it's a bad idea on so many different levels that it's hard to understand how it's going to help. i don't understand how it's going to help reduce bullying when you have a group of kids that admittedly even in the l.a. times is maybe 1 1/2 to 2% of the student population that identify as transgender. there is no medical diagnosis or
5:26 am
anything. >> steve: and so you say that we're making an accommodation for about 2% of the kids while we're violating the rights of 98% of the others. >> well, and that's what you're doing. if the problem is that you're not comfortable, how is it a solution to make the other 98% share that same intense discomfort? that's just not logical. most of the schools -- i think this is really a question of can the school administrators on site use their discretion as adults to make a private accommodation, which they have, and let students who identify as transgender use private bathroom facilities. i would have loved to have had a private bathroom when i was in high school. >> steve: you're not alone. >> yeah. so i think what we're doing -- now we have government interference. we're basically having the
5:27 am
government come in and claim this worked in san francisco and l.a well, i have a simple question -- >> steve: now they're changing everything for all the kids in the name of stopping bullying. we're going to keep an eye on it and see what does happen out there. tim donnelly representing the 33rd district in california. thanks very much for being the first person awake today in l.a. >> thank you very much. >> steve: what do you think about that? e-mail us. meanwhile, if the end of the world comes, this family will be ready. the retired army dad says the only way to protect his kids is in a doomsday castle? there is the family. you'll meet them next. right now let's check in with martha mccallum for a preview what happens on the channel in ten minutes. hey, martha. >> good morning. we have breaking news this morning. the military government in egypt has reportedly ordered the release of hosni mubarak. the world is bracing for what lindsey graham called over the weekend an absolute disaster in the making.
5:28 am
next shocks to come in egypt. and what it may mean for the suez canal. we will join you at the top of the hour. lot of big stories happening. we'll see you then our family sm? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. too small. too soft.
5:29 am
too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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5:31 am
>> dimes day -- if doomsday were to happen tomorrow, none of you are really prepared. forget yourself and survive! protect yourself and survive! my kids have no idea what's about to hit them. >> holy crap. [ laughter ] >> brian: we don't know who you are yet 'cause i haven't introduced you. this is a new national geographic show that's a spinoff that follows an army officer and his five children, pictured here. they prep for the end, steve. >> steve: that's right. we're joined by the gigantic
5:32 am
doomsday cast, but we're not giving out their last names. but let's go ahead and introduce them. brent senior, brent ii, ashley, lindsey, dawn marie, michael, and right there on the left, tebow, the chihuahua. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> anna: as soon as you guys get here, it seems like you're a team of alpha's. this isn't the first spinoff. tell us how the show came from "doomsday preppers." >> about a year ago, my son here filled out a form that said we might be -- my dad had invented an underground sanitation system, which isn't quite right, that got national geographic's attention. i net meth with them. they said what's special about me? i said not that much. i'm building a castle in the mountains, preparing.
5:33 am
they thought that was interesting. >> steve: it all started with you at y2k. >> almost 13 years ago. i thought if the power grid went down because of a glitch in the computers, that we were in a lot of trouble. >> steve: last year with sandy here in new york city, we were in trouble. we didn't have juice at our house for nine days. >> back then, i decided to get with an engineering firm and a university and we designed a bunker, 3,000 feet underground. >> steve: a castle. >> we didn't start the castle for a couple years later. >> brian: are you all on board with this? are you all of the same mindset preparing for doomsday? >> we have different personalities. i mean, i follow doomsday issues, i guess. we all back my dad up. but we all have a different opinion as to how it will happen or when it will happen. >> i think the world is screwing everything up. >> i agree. >> yeah.
5:34 am
>> i think if you think biblical, it kind of happens at the same time. >> anna: we're going to talk about the first episode that airs tomorrow night on the other side of the break. so more "fox & friends" in three minutes. >> steve: we hope humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪
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5:37 am
it's dental that tastes so good. new beneful healthy smile food and snacks. >> steve: this family is great. you got which they can out the show "doomsday castle requesting" on net geo. you'll stick around for the after the show show. okay? >> yes, definitely. >> brian: get the woman's side of the story. tebow is asleep. quiet. [ laughter ] martha: thanks, guys. we start with this fox news alert. egypt's disgraced former president hosni mubarak could be released from prison as early as this week as prosecutors cleared him of his corruption case as egypt continues to spiral into chaos. gregg: that news coming as there
5:38 am
is new bloodshed in egypt with the execution-style killings of 20 policemen in the
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